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We’re happy to provide it! TCS is commited to providing world-class support to our customers, distributors, partners, and anyone else who uses our products and services.

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You can speak to an actual human being in our Technical Support Department by calling us at 800.288.9383 (option 2).

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TCS Insight Software

Free download of our progamming software. Requires a PC running Windows 10 or later. 

Download TCS Insight Software

NOTE: Clicking the download link above will trigger a direct download of a ZIP file to your computer. Some firewalls will prevent this; if you have trouble downloading, contact Technical Support.

Technical Bulletins

Troubleshooting Network Wiring

QD2040 Power Cycling

SuperSTAT Sensor Calibration

Sensor Troubleshooting

SZ1033 Calibration (Insight)

Hex File Update

Ubiquity Cloud GUI

Testing Controller Thermostat Communication Chip

Lighting Controller Override Programming

Calibrating Remote Room Sensors

Humidity Transmitter Field Recalibration

Temperature Transmitter Field Recalibration

Gateway and Edge Device Network Functionality

Miscellaneous Documents

Building Manager/Device Lifecycle Support

Credit Application

Special Orders

The following products are available as special orders only. Pricing and availability are subject to verification. Lead times can vary.
Contact your account representative for more information.

Discontinued Products

Below are links to documentation for devices no longer being manufactured. This is for reference only and is not an exhaustive list of every product TCS has manufactured. If you have specific questions about a discontinued product, or you don’t see a device listed here, contact Technical Support.

Product Name Product Number Documentation
Ubiquity Site Gateway QD2040a Product Manual
Ubiquity Cloud Site Gateway QD2040b Product Manual
Integrated Building Manager QWL3.X Product Manual
SuperSTAT: Wireless (Zigbee)/Modulating SZW118 Product Manual
SuperSTAT: Wireless (Zigbee)/Conventional SZW123 Product Manual
VAV Box Controller SZ1025a Product Manual
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