The UbiquiSTAT

The best controls for the job

Made for contractors and building owners

Control simple to advanced applications with the attractive, easy-to- use, touchscreen UbiquiSTAT series.
  • Confidence you’ve got the right control for the job with just four (4) models
  • Easy to install, configure and commission
  • Run in standalone or communicating modes
  • When you are ready for an EMS, dual protocols support Ubiquity
  • Cloud and Niagara systems

Genius of Simple

For nearly 35 years, TCS has made the complex world of controls easier. We changed the direction of the industry with Ubiquity™ – the first secure, cloud-based EMS that made building automation practical and affordable for multi-site businesses like branch banks and retail stores. Now we’ve introduced the UbiquiSTAT series of commercial BACnet thermostats. Manufactured at our Middleton, WI factory, the UbiquiSTAT line was built from the ground up to make BACnet simple.

List of Features:

  • 4.3” color touchscreen
  • Internal BACnet Object Explorer
  • All BACnet points open and discoverable
  • Economizer control
  • Demand ventilation
  • Hot water, chilled water, mixing valve control
  • Modulating frequency drive for fan speed control
  • Hot deck, cold deck, zone control
  • Pre-occupancy purge
  • Aquastat control
  • Demand response setback
  • Advanced fan control
  • And much more!
View and download the UbiquiSTAT specifications sheet to learn more about what this powerful thermostat can do.
UbiquiSTAT Specs

Nick Segal

A&N Electric and Controls, Inc

With the UbiquiSTAT you can meet the BACnet spec with no engineering or development time. It’s quick and easy to wire and it’s built solid. The touchscreen navigation is intuitive. And check out the automated system test mode – saves big time on commissioning."


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