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TCS manufactures a complete line of controls, sensors, and accessory hardware along with our cloud-based BAS platform. The complete system helps automate building and energy management and streamlines operations so you can focus on your business goals. Our solutions are ideal for packaged equipment, VAV and zoning applications.

Whether you want to reduce your energy spend, optimize daily operations and/or capture a robust stream of minute-by-minute point data for analytics, TCS solutions deliver the tools, data, and visibility that help facilities professionals, contractors, and distributors succeed.

Financial Institutions

Fierce competition among branch financial institutions has led banks and credit unions to consider how to best connect with their existing older customer base while continuing to attract new, younger customers who spend more time online than ever before. Studies have shown that the customer’s experience is connected to their brand loyalty. Building coordinated branch and online experiences while demonstrating a shared commitment to sustainability can be a significant differentiator for your brand. Enter Ubiquity Cloud.

The Ubiquity Cloud Energy Management System (EMS) is an intuitive, cost-effective platform for branch Facilities Managers (FM), onsite staff, and service contractors to reduce energy costs while still maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment. Whether your branch portfolio extends across town or across the country, Ubiquity Cloud puts web-based, up-to-the minute monitoring and control in the palm of your hand, while helping meet corporate energy-saving guidelines.

Energy usage, along with maintenance and operational expenses, consumes a significant part of retail branch budgets. With the cost of electricity and natural gas increasing, the EMS for your branches presents a significant opportunity for savvy FMs to reduce both energy use and costly service calls. The benefits aren’t only financial. The right EMS not only reduces energy costs but increases employee and customer comfort while helping to protect employees with improved indoor air quality. All of these factors contribute to an enhanced customer experience that drives loyalty.

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As your district grows and you upgrade or replace aging buildings, it’s easy to incorporate a new building into your existing Ubiquity Cloud enterprise. Adding controllers and sensors is simple and requires no additional software configuration.

No Need for Multiple EMS Systems

Ubiquity Cloud is a single platform with controllers for any HVAC, lighting or refrigeration application typically found in school buildings and campus environments. Whether your district has hot water and steam systems, chilled water, heat pumps, packaged RTUs, zoning or VAVs, Ubiquity Cloud brings all of these systems together in a single, easy-to-manage interface.

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In retail, employee turnover has always been a major issue – and today it can be difficult just to hire enough employees to meet minimum staffing requirements. Here, Ubiquity Cloud helps in two ways. First, the platform automates many actions that lock in savings: applying schedules to AC units and lighting channels (often left on overnight), and enabling a simple system-override switch for the nightly cleaning crew.

Second, the platform makes managing one or more locations simple and easy to learn, even if you’ve never used an energy management system before. A newly hired manager can easily access the system via their computer, tablet, or smartphone, and maintain the store’s comfort and efficiency.

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In the fast-paced, constantly evolving world of commercial food service, recent inflation and staffing issues have put increasing pressure on restaurant owners and managers to deliver a high-quality dining experience while still ensuring profitable operations.

Energy use and related maintenance and operational expenses consume a significant part of a restaurant’s budget. While sometimes dismissed as simply a fixed cost, energy expenses in-fact represent a huge potential for savvy foodservices pros to save significant money. Deploying the right energy management system (EMS) can not only reduce energy costs – which directly impact the restaurant’s bottom line – but can also increase customer comfort and actually help protect employees.

The Ubiquity Cloud EMS is an intuitive, cost-effective means for foodservice facilities staff and onsite managers to maintain comfort and reduce energy costs. Whether you own a single restaurant or a large multi-brand franchise group, Ubiquity Cloud provides web-based, up-to-the-minute control over your entire business portfolio.

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