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Enterprise Building Owners

Energy Management for Commercial Real Estate

Ubiquity Cloud is an intuitive, cost-effective building automation and energy management platform for facilities managers, onsite staff, and service contractors to reduce energy costs while maintaining a safe and comfortable working environment in stand-alone and multi-site building portfolios. Across town or across the country, Ubiquity Cloud puts web-based, up-to-the minute monitoring and site control in the palm of your hand, while helping to meet corporate sustainability goals and guidelines.

Energy usage, along with maintenance and operational expenses have a significant budget impact. With the cost of electricity and natural gas increasing, your BAS platform presents a significant opportunity for savvy FMs to reduce both energy use and costly service calls. The benefits aren’t only financial. The right platform not only reduces energy spend but increases employee and customer comfort while helping to protect employees with improved indoor air quality. All of these factors contribute to an enhanced customer experience that drives brand loyalty.

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