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Enterprise Energy Management

Multi-site enterprise organizations encounter distinct facilities management challenges. Overseeing the safe and efficient operation of numerous buildings and vast square footage presents complexities comparable to managing many high-rise properties. The variability in building design, local climates, and geographical dispersion necessitates a Building Automation System (BAS) that is both flexible and adaptable.

Ubiquity Cloud is designed to efficiently manage and control HVAC systems across a geographically diverse portfolio of buildings, delivering the same advantages of sophisticated Direct Digital Control (DDC) solutions typically found in large, high-rise buildings. With Ubiquity Cloud, you can achieve your comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ), and energy savings objectives without the substantial initial investment or steep learning curve often associated with such systems, simplifying deployment and management.

As a comprehensive enterprise management tool, Ubiquity Cloud enables facilities leaders to oversee their varied portfolios under a single virtual platform. It provides convenience, control, and cost efficiency in an intuitive package, featuring Wisconsin-built controls and software, streamlining the complexity of multi-site facilities management.

A Complete EMS Solution

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Taking command of your energy and operational costs in a multi-site portfolio may seem daunting. It helps to have an experienced, dedicated partner in your corner. Our team of knowledgeable engineers, account reps, and technical support advisors have decades of experience across thousands of installations.

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