WiFi Advanced RTU Thermostat


The UbiquiSTAT is a feature rich, multi-purpose touchscreen thermostat for a wide variety of applications. This series of thermostats can be configured for a variety of conventional, heat pump, and modulating control applications.


Powerful touchscreen user interface

  • Internal BACnet explorer
  • Quick start wizard
  • System test screen for rapid commissioning
  • Highly detailed status reporting and diagnostics
  • Service status indication with custom messaging
  • Calibration of temperature inputs
  • 4.3” color touchscreen

Selectable BACnet or TCSbus communication

  • BACnet MS/TP or BACnet/IP over WiFi
  • BACnet BTL Listed (B-ASC)
  • Backward compatible with existing TCSbus networks (requires QD/QWL series software update)
  • All inputs/outputs fully commandable via network

Full-featured BACnet scheduling (SCHED-I-B)

  • 5 Heat/Cool setpoint groups

Includes all TCS SZ Series thermostat features

  • Includes many additional features and enhancements

4 temperature inputs (1 built-in, 3 remote)

  • Outdoor, discharge, remote room
  • Configurable weighted averaging of built-in and remote room

Conventional or heat pump control

Discharge setpoint reset on modulating heat/cool control

Configurable Smart Recovery™

Configurable P+I relay stage anticipator

Setpoint setback based on DI

Network upgradeable firmware

Built-in equipment protection delays and sequencing

Programmable fan control

  • Auto/on/cool/recirculation modes for occupied and unoccupied
  • Adjustable recirculation
  • Fan proving with automatic retries

User management controls

  • Occupancy override enable/disable
  • Setpoint adjust range limit
  • Optional access code locks out on-screen programming

Outdoor air heating and cooling lockouts

Discharge air protection limits

Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display

External time clock input/output

Adjustable delay on power up and occupancy

Stand-alone or network operation

Backup & Restore of all settings (DM-BR-B)


See submittal data sheet for model specific features…

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