Remote Temperature Sensors


The TS3000 Series is designed to provide remote
temperature inputs for Superstat programmable
The TS3000 Series’ continuous averaging sensor
matches the platinum R-T characteristics but is
composed of a proprietary element encased within a
bendable copper sheath. The continuous averaging
sensor is designed to average out temperature
stratification in a duct or plenum.


The TS3000 Series features: • Available in ten mounting configurations • Platinum resistance type temperature sensors • Linear, drift-free operation • TS3004 provides four sensor outputs for redundancy

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Specs & Docs


Accuracy: +/- 1°F Reference Resistance: 1082 Ω @ 70°F (21.1°C) 541 Ω @ 70°F room averaging (TS3020) 361 Ω @ 70°F (TS3030) Temperature Coefficient: 2.14 Ω/°F Stability: 0.05% drift per year TS3004 requires extra wires for the additional sensors (4 twisted, shielded pair total). TS3010 requires extra wires for the override (2 wires plus 1 twisted, shielded pair – total of 4 wires). TS3100 is compatible with SZ1000 series Superstats with firmware version 1.4 or later and requires extra wires for the setpoint adjust override, and LED indicators (5 wires plus 1 twisted, shielded pair – total of 7 wires). Specifications subject to change without notice.