Ubiquity Cloud BACnet Building Manager



The QD3041 Building Manager can communicate via BACnet or TCSbus with all devices in your network. The Building Manager interfaces with web-based Ubiquity Cloud™ to provide total control in real-time, 24/7.


Protocol Support:



AMD64 processor with optically isolated serial communications

Integrated RS485 Ports:


Baud Rates:

9600, 192000

USB Ports:

Four (use for adding more RS-485 networks – additional hardware required)

Baud Rates:

9600, 192000

Operating Humidity:

0 – 90%

Supply Voltage:

100 – 240VAC


  • Upgraded Ubiquity Cloud connection protocol with inherent security and minimal customer IT impact
  • Up to two local BACnet MS/TP RS-485 networks
  • BTL-listed
  • Up to 32 controllers per port
  • Reading/writing of all basic BACnet controller point types
  • Reading/writing of BACnet schedules
  • Auto-detection of controllers added to local networks
  • Point discovery of BACnet controllers
  • Autonomous point monitoring with an adjustable monitoring period
  • Automatic back-log of monitoring data upon Ubiquity connection loss
  • Basic local configuration via a web browser or command line
  • Remotely upgradeable software
  • Custom factory programming for plug-n-play user install