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Integrated Building Manager

QWL2040 Panel


The QWL2040 Panel is an Integrated Building Manager that houses a Ubiquity Cloud™ Building Manager (QD2040), a lighting controller, and an energy management meter.

The QD2040 Panel's Controller Gateway is a replaceable component.


Ubiquity Cloud Building Manager (QD2040)

  • Site gateway to Ubiquity Cloud
  • Controller protocols supported: TCSbus, Modbus
  • Remotely upgradable gateway software

Lighting Controller 

  • 365-day programming for each circuit
  • Analog input for photosensor with the ability to
    remotely adjust the sensitivity level
  • Eight-channel lighting schedules for interior and
    exterior applications
  • Astronomical clock

Energy Meter

  • Electric single and 3 phase kW and kWh
  • Gas
  • Water
  • BTU

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