Ubiquity Software


The Ubiquity™ software interface is the premier, Internet based building management solution for multi-site organizations. By combining TCS Basys Controls® monitors, thermostats, controls, and communication gateways, you create a simple, yet powerful building control and energy management system. This integrated system works equally well for single sites or as part of an enterprise (multi-site) solution. All products install easily, program quickly, and function long-term with virtually no ongoing maintenance. No other integrated system offers the benefits, capabilities, and measurable cost savings as Ubiquity™.

Our communication gateways use standard IT network communications, minimizing the need for exceptions to IT policies and creating VPN's. Not only does this minimize bandwidth requirements, it simplifies commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Ubiquity Software Key Features Ubiquity Software Key Benefits
  • Emphasis on Ease of Use & Ergonomics
  • Tailored experience based on User
  • Simplified, Graphical or Technical interfaces
  • Simple-to-understand building control and monitoring
  • Sophisticated alarming
  • Customizable interface with monitoring, performance, and
  • Automatically trends every data-point in the building network
  • Integrated instantaneous reports
  • User-Definable performance benchmarks and compliance reports
  • Integration with Utility payment services
  • Energy policies for demand reduction strategies
  • Global programming, scheduling and alarming capabilities
  • Automatic software updates and XML support
  • Tracking user access/changes
  • Check temperature setpoints and equipment status remotely
  • Enhance control of temperature setpoints for HVAC
  • Precise matching of HVAC and lighting to occupancy schedules
  • Monitor and alarm HVAC equipment, environmental conditions and lighting
  • Monitor critical temperatures to prevent loss of perishable inventory
  • Shed unnecessary loads during peak demand times
  • Implement holiday schedules throughout the enterprise within a few minutes
  • Exception reports to point out the most troublesome buildings
  • Compliance reports to allow measurement of performance between buildings and groups of buildings in the enterprise
  • Performance reports highlighting key areas of building operations – equipment run time, energy use, environmental conditions and more