Building owners, contractors and facility service team members have access to both online and hands-on training resources to enhance their knowledge of TCS controls and software.

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TCS Academy Technical Education

Take advantage of opportunities in the Spring and Fall to advance your skills through in-person technical training in Madison, WI.  Filled with hands-on, practical  exercises these multi-day educational seminars are comprehensive with learning objectives that include:

  • TCS Ubiquity Cloud architecture and application
  • UbiquiSTAT and SZ Series controller setup and startup
  • Control setup and operation of the 2100 series for AHU, VAV, boilers, chillers, and water loops
  • Ubiquity Cloud configuration, programming and functional use
  • TCS Insight software setup, connection and operation
  • BACnet control setup, discovery and manage users
  • Wiring, termination, installation site setup

This in-depth course concludes with testing and official certificate of completion.

See the schedule below for the next available training dates and contact us about pricing

Online Education

Free Ubiquity Cloud and product online webinars are held on a regular basis. Basic and Advanced Ubiquity Cloud training and are currently offered as well as an overview of the UbiquiSTAT.

See the schedule below.

Recorded Webinars

If you missed a recent TCS Academy webinar, we've got you covered! Follow the link(s) below and get caught up when it is convenient for you.

Ubiquity Cloud User Webinar - February 17, 2021 

Onsite Learning at your Facility

The Onsite seminars can range in length from 1 to 4 days, depending on number of attendees and topics to be covered. In addition, the topics, support materials provided, and schedule/agenda are tailored to meet the specific needs of your company or institution. In general, this custom offering offers elements of our standard seminars blended with any custom requirements.

The cost of Onsite seminars vary depending on the number of attendees and seminar length. contact us to explore the onsite education options that are right for you.  

Contact your account manager for more information on course descriptions and upcoming dates, or complete the info request form here.

Educational Events

Date Event Description
08/18/21 Ubiquity Cloud 4 Webinar [ADMIN TOPICS] – 08.18.2021

Join the Ubiquity Cloud 4 ADMIN webinar, on Wednesday, Augus …

08/18/21 Ubiquity Cloud 4 Webinar for END USERS – 08.18.2021

Join us for the Ubiquity Cloud 4 END USER webinar, Wednesday …

10/13/21 UbiquiSTAT Training Webinar – 10.13.2021

Join us for the UbiquiSTAT webinar, Wednesday, October 13th! …

10/20/21 Ubiquity Cloud 4 Webinar [ADMIN TOPICS] – 10.20.2021

Join us for the Ubiquity Cloud 4 ADMIN webinar, Wednesday, O …

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