Sustainability is a process, not a one-time investment. Greenhouse gas reductions and sustainability have steadily gained prominence in our industry. As good corporate citizens we are all seeking iterative modifications and major shifts in approach to minimize our environmental impact. At TCS, we tailor our services and products to maximize reductions and provide sound environmental solutions. Our team of engineers & technicians have worked extensively with consultants and accredited professionals to explore unique and innovative approaches maximizing accreditation, while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Ubiquity includes reports that track:

  • Greenhouse Gas reductions (Measured in reduced CO2 tonnages)
  • Increased efficiency in energy through effective demand and consumption management
  • Indoor Air Quality of facility
  • Compliance assurance for appropriate governing-body credits

TCS is so confident in our abilities, we assure you that we can reach or exceed all relevant control, IAQ or reporting related credits utilizing our services and software.