Energy Management


TCS has a broad set of sophisticated hardware and software tools for demand management and automated consumption reduction. That, with our qualified group of managed service personnel will maximize your energy-related savings. Some of the features of our system include:

  • Embedded functions in the hardware to insure soft starts to minimize arbitrary demand spikes in the event of outages.
  • Energy Policies for automated setpoint, cooling / heating lockouts, and triggered lighting adjustments based on energy kW / kWh or other environmental variables such as outdoor air temperature.
  • Programmable unit rotations with staggered start times to minimize environmental impact in the event of an energy occurrence.
  • Seasonal scheduling to slide facility environmental settings based on exterior temperature and humidity.
  • Support for Demand Response events.
  • Roaming holidays allow administrators to setup schedules at the time of installation and maximize savings during building down-time.

All current TCS hardware is compatible with the outlined energy functions & our Ubiquity software. Core energy savings for our retail customers typically equates to 15 - 20% with an additional 10 - 15% reduction in utility costs through our demand management algorithms.

TCS hardware is also compatible with most Utility Demand Response programs. Through our Ubiquity Managed Services we can work with you and your utility partners to maximize incentives, insure you are on the appropriate program, and coordinate the appropriate technologies interfaces for the utilization of any demand response program.