Our line of refrigeration monitors & controls are tailored to facilities that don't require sophisticated coordination and management for large numbers of refrigeration units such as restaurants and convenience stores. They provide all the features you require without the excess capabilities that impacts the cost. With Ubiquity you have the ability to easily manage and monitor numerous temperatures, setpoints, defrost cycles, compressor statuses and much more. Through it's audited reporting engine have confidence that your food and wares are maintained at acceptable temperatures at all times.

All refrigeration monitors & controls are compatible with Ubiquity and work standalone & networked.

32-Character LCD Screen Programmable Defrost Cycles Temperature or Pressure Monitoring Inputs Monitor Suction Line Pressure Monitor Liquid Line, Suction & Discharge Temperatures Monitor Compressor or Door Status
4 RTD & 2 Analog Inputs
6 RTD & 5 Analog Inputs
6 RTD & 5 Analog Inputs
Made In The USA
    All TCS Refrigeration Monitors & Controllers come standard with the following features:
  • Relay output to activate auxiliary communication devices or alarm circuit
  • Independently programmable high & low limits for each input
  • Independently programmable manual or automatic alarm reset
  • Change of state factor with programmable hysteresis
  • Standalone or Network operation