QWL 3.1 Rev3

Integrated Building Manager Panel


The QWL 3.1 Rev 3 Integrated Building Manager Panel contains a Ubiquity Cloud™. Site Gateway w/ integrated lighting and energy management controls.


Latest Software Update: 070600 Ubiquity Cloud Site Gateway • Site gateway to Ubiquity: enables controller interoperability with Ubiquity Cloud • Enables Ubiquity to maintain controller programming and scheduling • Compatible with all TCS Basys supported controllers • Controller protocols supported: TCSbus, Modbus • Supervisory control routines • Supervisory override strategy • Auto-discovery of networked controllers • Three integrated RS-485 serial ports • Additional serial ports can be added via USB ports • Integrated Ethernet controller with firewall capabilities • Integrated configuration web page • User-adjustable controller monitoring rate • Remotely upgradable gateway software Lighting Controller (SLQ218) • 365-day programming for each circuit • Analog input for photosensor with the ability to remotely adjust the sensitivity level • Selectable power failure state • Eight-channel lighting schedules for interior and exterior applications • Digital photocell inputs • Astronomical clock • External time clock or occupancy sensor input for each channel • Channel status LEDs • Selectable normally open or normally closed relays • Built-in 2 Amp relays with hand/off/auto switches Energy Meter (SEQ100) • Electric single and 3 phase kW and kWh • Gas • Water • BTU

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