Communication Wire


Communication Wire – 22 AWG 3/c shielded, plenum, 1000 ft., UL


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CONDUCTOR: • Stranded bare or tinned copper per ASTM B-3, B-8 and B-286INSULATION: • Premium grade color coded polymer alloySHIELD: • Multi-conductor: Overall polyester supported aluminum foil, plus a stranded tinned copper drain wire to facilitate grounding. • Coaxial: Copper braid shieldJACKET: • Premium grade natural polymer alloy • Sequential footage markings to facilitate installation • Suitable for use from 0°C to +60°C • Suggested voltage rating of 300 VRMS (multi-conductor cable only)APPLICATION: • Internet enabled building automation systems • Programmable thermostats • HVAC controls • Lighting controls • Sensors • CommunicationsINDUSTRY APPROVALS: • Plenum: Listed by UL as Type CMP and/or CL3P cables for use in NEC Article 800 and/or 725 installation. • Non-Plenum: Listed by UL as Type CM and/or CMR