Managed Services

Site Optimization

TCS offers a unique value proposition that pays huge dividends by sustaining energy savings and service cost reductions for your multi-site portfolio over the long run. Those savings go straight to bottom-line profitability, month after month.

When fully-leveraged with a Ubiquity Service Agreement, the centralized server forms the backbone of a comprehensive service offering that delivers significant savings vs. any self-managed EMS system.

  • Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support
  • Call Center / Emergency Dispatch Services
  • TCS Active Monitoring
  • Integrated Utility Data
  • Energy and Service Cost Saving Documentation
  • Increase Bandwidth without Increasing Headcount

TCS performs equipment diagnostics to identify potential issues (compressors, fans, filters) and tracks system changes over time to recognize emerging problems before they become expensive emergency repairs. Monthly and quarterly reports identify equipment and sites that need attention resulting in:

  • Reduction of equipment downtime
  • More repairs covered by warranty
  • Real-time equipment runtime information to drive capital spending
Service Call Avoidance Flexibility

When a site has an issue – too hot, too cold, etc. -- dispatching an HVAC technician or electrician can run up to $300 per occurrence with travel time. Avoiding unnecessary service dispatch whenever possible should be part of any energy management strategy.

Just over 40% of inbound complaints can be resolved remotely from the service desk – day or night if the call center is open 24/7 – minimizing the length of customer discomfort, excess “windshield time” for facilities managers and the expense of the service call.

Even if your typical store can avoid just two service calls each year, the savings is significant when multiplied across your portfolio.

The TCS 24/7 Support Center either augments or replaces your existing call center to dispatch local service personnel (including emergency service).

Information from Ubiquity is relayed to the local service technician before arriving onsite. This means the job can usually be completed on the first trip and the technician spends about 30% less time on site, lowering your average cost per service call.

TCS can interact with your existing web-based work order or ticket tracking system, integrate with your current software package or provide stand-alone direct billing of service orders.

Contact a TCS account manager to discuss the impact Ubiquity can make on your bottom line.