Small Box Retail

The retail world is ever-changing. Decreasing margins and high turn-over make every dollar precious. Immediate savings that impact the bottom-line are difficult to achieve with reduced staffing. Small-box retail has traditionally been left to come up with compromised solutions for increasing efficiency and optimizing operations.

Small Box Retail

Our holistic approach provides significant service and energy reductions. TCS offers a scaled approach that lets you have all the features of a large-box system & service with low upfront costs and aggressive returns.

Even in environments where energy bills are typically under $1,000 per month, through our analytics tools and service personnel returns on investment typically come in under 2 years. TCS also provides purchase options structured around retailers' unique financing needs.

Building Management Systems for Multi-Site Retailers - PDF

    Key Features & Benefits:
  • TCS has an entire line of wireless hardware easily ported to new locations with minimal cost.
  • Ubiquity Managed Services provide ongoing energy optimization - insuring continued savings
  • Ubiquity provides dispatch and service validation
  • Sophisticated reporting provides comprehensive information on performance and compliance
  • Audit tools validate energy and service savings
  • 24 / 7 monitoring and peak performance assurance
  • Scalable implementations
  • Concise management reports
  • Financing Programs available
  • Demand Control Lighting provides a 50 - 80% reduction in lighting related energy costs

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