Large Box Retail

Save money, impact your bottom-line. Enhanced building comfort not only provides substantial savings, but our continuous commissioning services insure that equipment and building systems are running reliably and optimally. Issues are detected and remediated before customers or employees even notice. Save on unnecessary or premature capital costs while reducing energy and service costs.

Large Box Retail

We know that margins are tight - our solution pays for itself with complete paybacks often in 18 months or less. Options in financing are structured to minimize upfront outlays, while still providing immediate returns.

Building Management Systems for Multi-Site Retailers - PDF

    Key Features & Benefits:
  • Ubiquity Managed Services provide ongoing energy optimization - insuring continued savings
  • Ubiquity provides dispatch and service validation
  • Sophisticated reporting provides comprehensive information on performance and compliance
  • Audit tools validate energy and service savings
  • 24 / 7 monitoring and peak performance assurance
  • Ongoing energy assessments
  • Utility pricing negotiations and rebate programs
  • Scalable implementations
  • Concise management reports
  • Demand Control Lighting provides a 50 - 80% reduction in lighting related energy costs

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