Handling an entire portfolio of sites can be a daunting responsibility. New mandates like LEED compliance, Demand Response programs, and consumption targets can be difficult to manage on top of ordinary facility and equipment maintenance and service requirements.


TCS Knows Banking

Many top-tier institutions in the financial industry have partnered with TCS to help reduce operational and energy expenses. Our customers have seen reductions of over 22% in energy and 55% in service-related costs -- all while providing a better environment for their employees and customers.

Ubiquity provides the tools to actively monitor and remediate on a 24/7 basis. The documentation & reporting engine in Ubiquity trends all connected points and analyzes the site for compliance to corporate standards and performance. Our managed services group understands this data and makes course corrections to keep sites in compliance and provides recommendations to our clients.

Bottom-line Profitability

Our unique three-tiered approach to operational optimization -- application specific controls, turnkey installation and ongoing managed services -- sustains energy savings and service cost reductions for your multi-site portfolio over the long run.

Enterprise Management Systems for Multi-Site Financial Institutions - PDF

Key Features & Benefits

  • TCS Managed Services will work closely with you to provide consumption reduction targets and compliance standards
  • Suite of reports insuring compliance in energy costs and building performance
  • Specific reports are tailored for management review
  • Unique interfaces for non-technical and technical users
  • Feedback and analysis details
  • Sophisticated alarming insures that the right people know the right information right away
  • No software installation required
  • TCS will work with you on Utility negotiations to insure you are taking advantage of appropriate incentives and programs
  • Ubiquity provides the equipment and tools to maximize credits with Sustainability Programs (Such as LEED)

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