Ubiquity Cloud and the UbiquiSTAT The Genius of Simple

Introducing the UbiquiSTAT from TCS

Modulating | Multi-stage | Zoning

  • Application-Specific Touchscreen Stat
  • Pre-Configured Control Sequences
  • On-board BACnet Explorer
  • All Points Open and Discoverable
  • Dual Protocol Support: TCSbus & BACnet
  • System Test Mode for Rapid Commissioning
  • Standalone Mode
  • BTL-Listed

100% Open BACnet

Skip the I/O board and use the powerful UbiquiSTAT instead. Integrates easily into your next BACnet project.

Integrators & Controls Contractors
Future Proof with UbiquiSTAT

Install in standalone mode or on the Ubiquity Cloud today, and be ready for tomorrow with BACnet already on board.

Bldg. Owners & Mech. Contractors
UbiquiSTAT for Ubiquity Cloud

Can you mix the SZ series stats and UbiquiSTATs on the same QD2040 network? Yes, you can!

Current Ubiquity Users