SZW118 photo
Wireless Modulating Zone Thermostat


· Uses ZigBee protocol, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant
· Up to two stages for heating and/ or cooling and a modulating heating or cooling output
· Auxiliary time clock output (economizers)

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· Stand-alone or network operation
· 7-day time clock
· Discharge air sensor input with high and low limits and reset
· Discharge air heating low limit
· Midpoint or endpoint modulation
· Analog or digital changeover
· Outdoor air sensor input with heating & cooling lockout
· Midpoint or endpoint modulation
· Adjustable delay on start-up and power-up for soft starts
· P+I control option on digital stages
· Smart recovery
· No backup battery required
· Minimum on/off times for HVAC equipment protection
· 32 character LCD display
· Six status LEDs
· Remote room sensing capability
· User setpoint adjustment limits
· Local and remote override capability
· System and fan switching with access lockouts
· Fan interlock safety option
· Filter service input and indication
· Equipment monitoring inputs and indication
· External time clock input
· Energy management input for setpoint shift
· Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display
· Access to programming or schedule may be locked out or limited with the use of an access code
· Self-healing, "plug & play" mesh network
· 100mW output at 2.4 GHz
· 150 to 500 feet typical in building range