Fall 2019 Installer Training

Basic and Advanced 4-Day Installer Training Seminar

September 23rd – 26th | Madison, WI

This training seminar provides detailed technical training on how to install, configure, and use our products. Extensive visual aids and hands-on learning make this seminar a “must attend” for resellers, installers, contractors, and end users.


  • Basic and advanced controller training
  • 2100 series controller tutorial
  • TCS BACnet Controls training
  • Wiring, installation, & site setup
  • Programming & troubleshooting
  • TCS Insight™ software tutorial
  • Ubiquity Cloud™ (web-based building management) tutorial

For more information or to register:

  Download the event PDF

Call us at 1 (800) 288-9383

Or email us at training@tcsbasys.com