3-Day Technical Course – Spring 2023 – Madison, WI

MARCH 27 – 29, 2023

Hosted by TCS, this live, in-person three days of learning about TCS hardware, software, and service offerings include focused hands-on exercises on installation and setup of a building automation platform, including HVAC subsystems and an introduction to BACnet as it relates to TCS product offerings.


  • TCS Ubiquity Cloud architecture and application

  • UbiquiSTAT and SZ Series controller setup and startup

  • Control setup and operation of 2100 series for AHU, VAV, boilers, chillers, and water loops

  • Ubiquity Cloud configuration, programming, & practical use

  • TCS Insight setup, connection, and operation

  • BACnet control setup, discovery, and manage users

  • Wiring, termination, installation, and site setup

  • Common support issues

  • Advanced system applications

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Contact us at 1 (800) 288-9383 or email: training@tcsbasys.com